LESSON 5.2 - Manual Mode Assignment

In this assignment you will try full manual mode, selecting the shutter speed, aperture and ISO yourself. This is the ultimate test to see if you can use fully manual mode. Don’t stress if you find it difficult the first few times. Think methodically and select which is the most important control for you first, e.g. a large aperture (small area of focus) and then select a shutter speed to suit. NB you don’t need to increase your ISO unless you have no other option, so start out with 100 ISO and work from there.

Completing this assignment will help you to commit the full use of manual mode to your memory. Experimenting with the concepts you are learning is key to actually absorbing them.

Please note: The student assignment upload feature mentioned in the video, (that offers personalised feedback), is only available for the mentored version of the course, during the allocated mentoring period.





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