SOFTBACK: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Light for Food Photography

SOFTBACK: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Light for Food Photography

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Do you compare your images to stunning feeds on Instagram and cringe. Do you wish your food shots could look as good as they taste?

This Hand Book will help to transform your food photography images from YEUCH to YUM! Take a giant step forward and create stunning images for your social media or blog.

Smart phone photographers and SLR shooters alike can utilise this comprehensive guide.  If you are a chef, blogger, foodie, creative professional or social media enthusiast this one is for you!


In this Hand Book I take you through 8 essential steps to creating great food images using natural light in any environment and give you action points every step of the way, so you can try it out for yourself.

Everything we discuss will be relevant to anyone shooting food, either with a digital SLR or a phone camera or any other type of camera.

1) First we’re going to talk a lot about windows and why it’s even important to be discussing them!

2) Then we’ll get to the crux of the matter – all about the light itself – how it can vary in different circumstances, what exactly those circumstances are and how you can actually ‘read’ the lighting environment to get the best result.

3) We’ll figure out how you can find the absolute best place in your home or workplace, to achieve the ultimate lighting result every time.

4) We’ll go through how you can manipulate the light, using basic props that you’ve already got, without having to buy expensive equipment.

5) I’ll explain all about colour balance and how to use it to your advantage, and how to deal with colour casts when they’re a problem.

6) Then I’ll share with you my top lighting angles and save you hours of figuring out time.

7) Next I’ll share with you my top compositional angles for food photography that all the pros use.

8) Finally, once you have gained confidence using these techniques, we’ll discuss what your next steps can be to make the most of your food photography.

Beginners often feel overwhelmed, frustrated or feel that achieving the kind of results you’d really like is insurmountable - learn with me, this is going to be fun and easy!

Some feedback from readers;

As a beginner in food photography, this book is a great, easy to follow guide on how to start - techniques, things you didn't know you didn't know, lightbulbs moments. Follow the action points and practice practice practice. Catherine Mitchell

I would recommend this book. It's an engaging read with fantastic images and illustrations that has really helped me to understand the key principles of how to use natural light in food photography - Michaela Constantine

Manipulating light is the very fundamental skills for photography. A clear and easy to understand structure. Yuping Xin

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