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8 Top Tips for Printing Food Photos

Regardless of whether it’s a poster, a menu, or an entire cook book — at some stage you’re going to want to print your food images — but printing doesn’t always go to plan. Once you delve into the Pandora's box of colour management you'll never see the world in the same light again! To achieve best result you need to know a bit about how printing works and how colour is rendered both onscreen and in print...

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How to photograph food in a restaurant

There are two core reasons why you might like to take photos of food in a restaurant environment;
1) you're visiting the restaurant as a customer and you want to share the shots of the food on your social media, or 2) you have been employed by the restaurant or a 3rd party (e.g. meal delivery service) to capture shots of the food. Both scenarios offer their own set of unique challenges.

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