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How to photograph food in a restaurant

There are two core reasons why you might like to take photos of food in a restaurant environment;
1) you're visiting the restaurant as a customer and you want to share the shots of the food on your social media, or 2) you have been employed by the restaurant or a 3rd party (e.g. meal delivery service) to capture shots of the food. Both scenarios offer their own set of unique challenges.

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The Fashion of Food Photography

One of the most significant and frequently overlooked aspects of food photography is fashion. Yes, fashion! You might not possess an awareness of how significant an impact fashion has on food photography because you're looking at images every day. However, if we take a look back, the impact of fashion becomes ultra-obvious.

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Spot focusing versus spot metering (and how use them)

This is a topic that baffles my students all the time. It tends to rear its ugly head around about the time that students are starting to gain some sense of confidence and knowledge, and then the 'spots' get in front of their eyes and spoil everything. So let's clear the mud, and make some sense of spot focusing versus spot metering.

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How to choose a tripod for food photography

It can take some time to be convinced of the value of using a tripod for food photography, but once you start to work with one you will never look back. Finding the best tripod to suit your workflow and budget will become a top priority and the options can be overwhelming. This guide will help you to make the best choices.

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Why a $50 lens hood has saved me thousands of dollars - twice!

For a long time, I had pretty much considered a lens hood to be a superfluous decorative piece of plastic that hung around on the end of my lens. Several years ago when I was out on a location shoot, I discovered that they can actually have a much greater purpose than they were originally designed for. Then just the other day, I was reminded of its value again.

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How to sell food images to photo stock libraries

On the surface, selling stock images seems like an attractive, quick and easy way to make an extra few bucks. Who hasn’t thought of digging through their backup system, uploading a few images and making a bit of regular extra cash. Can it really be that easy?

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